Go through Menopause and Constipation - How to Treat Menopause and Constipation extra

Menopause and Constipation - How to Treat Menopause and Constipation


Women, like it or not will get to stage in their lives when all that matters is for them to be able to get some sleep without having to wake in the middle of the night with hot flashes. Once a woman gets close to her menopausal age, she can start expecting incidences such as increased heart rate, unexplainable depression, cold sweats at night and sudden hot flashes. During this period also, she can find it very hard to have bowel movements. When this occurs, she's said to have both menopause and constipation.

The terrible combination of menopause and constipation occur frequently in women approaching their late forties and early fifties. This is as a result of the body's inability to produce estrogen. This hormone's production reduces with an increase in age in women.

Apart from menopause and constipation, there are various experiences a woman can have as she approaches the age of menopause. Some of these are depressions, insomnia, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, anxiety, headaches, aches in the joints, mood swings et.c. All these problems can be solved. In this article however, we'll be looking strictly at menopause and constipation. How are the two incidents related? Do they occur concurrently or is it just happenstance? If you are woman, are you starting to think something must definitely be very wrong with you because as soon as one symptom leaves another shows up?

Menopause and constipation occur in women of age as a result of the GIT's tendency to slow down on its food digestion processes. So you find some women may end up losing appetite more and more as they approach menopause while others eat a lot more. Women at the stage of menopause hardly feel comfortable at all. With all the stress, pains, discomfort, depression, something has got to give. Part of what gives is usually nothing less than the bowels refusing to function maximally. The reasons are not farfetched. Eating under so much stress can cause you to eat the wrong foods. For those who eat a lot, they develop compulsive eating habits which aren't exactly helping matters at that period as the food they eat would end up causing indigestion for them.

When considering options for menopause and constipation, it is best really, to opt for herbal tonic. These help improve bowel movement and at the same time improve the general healthy of the individual. Laxatives may at this point not work well with the system as it is bound to have some side effects like intensive cramping. This would be needless as she cannot bear to add more troubles to her already delicate state. For more clarity, it is best to check in with the doctor before taking any over-the-counter prescription.

Digestive tonics important in the case of menopause and constipation are a huge benefit as they can be slow-acting when compared to laxatives. Unfortunately, people think because digestive tonics are slow-acting they are not efficient. Wrong! As matter of fact, the reason it is best for someone suffering from a combined state of menopause and constipation is because it doesn't hasten the process required for more bowel movements and hence, there is no abdominal cramp resulting from the fast action of laxatives.

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