Go through Constipation Weight Gain - Get Rid of Weight Gained Due to Severe Constipation and IBS in 7 Days more

Constipation Weight Gain - Get Rid of Weight Gained Due to Severe Constipation and IBS in 7 Days



Weight gain is just inevitable once you reach a specific age. This is particularly after the age of 40 as in that age the metabolic rate of the body gets affected. But, it has been witnessed that there are some other causes also which might lead to weight gain and that too before reaching that specific age. One of the prominent causes might be constipation. This problem might bother you when your intestines get blocked. The best and the efficient way to activate the intestines once again are to unblock them.

Causes of Constipation:

* Not enough liquids and fiber in your diet
* Lack of sufficient exercises
* Medications and irritable bowel syndrome
* Due to laxatives
* Problems in rectum and colon
* Avoiding the urge of bowel movement
* Due to certain diseases such as lupus and multiple sclerosis
* Problems in intestinal

Symptoms of Constipation:

Constipation does not actually mean that you are suffering from any type of digestive diseases. However, in case you start suffering from vomiting, dizziness and fever then you must consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Get rid of weight gain due to severe constipation and IBS in 7 days by applying the following tips:

Fiber Diet: Actually the most common cause of constipation is your diet. Thus try to include more and more vegetables and fruits which are rich in fibers. For this purpose you can opt for whole grains, meats, cheese and eggs.

Colon Cleansing: This method can help you to get rid of your constipation problems at a very steady pace. Dr Oz also recommended colon cleansing for a healthy mind. This process can efficiently help you to lose weight and get rid of the unwanted toxins from your body. He even introduced two recipes can be easily made at home and can effectively cleanse the colon. Actually, this home remedy process is very effective as after removing the toxic substances from your body the metabolic rate automatically gets enhanced and you in turn get rid of the constipation problem. Further, in this process you even lose weight as your body starts digesting the calories at a steady pace and does not store them as fats. Further the recipes introduced by Dr Oz are full of natural ingredients which are quite rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Check them out:

Master Cleanse Diet:

* A pinch of Cayenne pepper
* 10 oz. of purified water
* Two tablespoon of maple syrup and lemon juice

Mix the ingredients and cleanse your internal system.

Green Dark Recipe:

* Two chopped apples and one celery stick
* 1/2 cup of chopped parsley
* Tiny piece of peeled ginger
* 1 Cup of spinach
* Diced medium sized cucumber
* Juice of one lemon

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