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Constipation relief is the foremost question amongst people with constipation problems because it is just so damaging to the digestive system to have colon problems culminating in constipation. Furthermore, most people know that constipation is just one step to a larger problem with colon cancer or colitis. These kinds of problems are inevitable if one does not take pains to take care of their colon. If one does not take pains to take care of their colon, then it will take pains on you until you fix it.

Constipation cures revolve around the judicious use of certain foods and juices to relieve the problem of constipation in a few hours or a few weeks, depending on the method used. You can go on a juice fasting diet, change your diet to include fruits and vegetables, have a flax seed shake every morning, start eating hemp seeds at every meal, or take digestive enzymes, probiotics, enemas, laxatives, or colonics every so often. These kinds of home procedures are just one of many steps you can take in the cleansing process of your colon. Another thing that goes into constipation relief is daily exercise because more bowel movements occur, it is proven, with a good amount of daily exercise.

Constipation is basically a decrease in the amount of bowel movements, and in order to get those bowel movements moving again, you just need to change what you put into your body. What you put into your body will change what comes out of your body. As a general rule, the faster it goes down, the slower it will be coming out. And the slower it goes down, the faster it will be coming out. In other words, if you're used to eating refined carbohydrates, simple sugars, and refined starches, you will have very slow bowel movements that are painful to come out. If you are used to eating fruits and vegetables that take a long time to chew and swallow, then your bowel movements will come out fast and free. You will almost be surprised by how it flows out like an ice cream swirly. This kind of extreme dropping of feces without any pain or hurt whatsoever is the norm in Africa, where certain tribes eat 25 apples a day. Fortunately, they have no incidences of colon cancer, colitis, or the need for colonoscopies either.

Older people have five times the chance of developing constipation than younger people. Older people then concern themselves with having a daily bowel movement and become concerned when there is not one. Without this kind of focused bowel movement each day, the old person has even more anxiety, which adds to their plate already. Anxiety increases constipation. In general, have a stress-free lifestyle and eat a fiber-rich diet, and your constipation relief should come in no time.

Some medications can also cause constipation. Obviously, avoid these. These include antacids, antispasmodic drugs, antidepressants, iron tablets, and anticonvulsant drugs. Without such drugs, you may suffer symptoms, but you will have to counteract it with more drugs to fix the problem, and that is untenable to say the least on the subject.

Bob is the owner of Colon Cleansers website. Three or fewer bowel movements a week usually means you are constipated. The stool can be hard and dry making it painful to pass. From time to time, most everyone gets constipated. Learn more about constipation relief.

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