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The Secret of Olive Oil As a Constipation Remedy


Is there a connection between olive oil and constipation? if so, what is it? In the search for home remedies for constipation, which are known for their advantages, you might also come across a recommendation to use olive oil.

Home remedies for constipation are favored by many of those suffering from constipation for one main reason: the disadvantages of OTC and prescription medication for constipation. When used for long periods of time, the human body will become dependent of OTC constipation medication, and eventually will not be able to pass stool without laxatives. There are many types of foods and exercise routines that help digestion, but among the home remedies for constipation, olive oil has a special place. Most home remedies for constipation require some sort of a diet change. Meals that are high in fiber, daily consumption of natural fruit juices, or a daily exercise routine. Olive oil as a constipation remedy doesn't require a big dietary change. A tablespoon of olive-oil in the morning, perhaps followed by a glass of orange juice with pulp, can help relieve a mild case of constipation. If you don't see results, try to have an additional tablespoon of olive oil in the evening. It is a good idea to try this constipation remedy, if you just need a little help to get bowel movement. It is expected to take effect within 2 hours. Among the benefits of olive oil are its ability to stimulate digestion and relieve upset stomach, flatulence and heartburn. If you want to enhance the effect, you can add a little aerobic exercise, and one meal a day that is rich in fibers, and results will soon show.

It is important to remember that in different situations, different solutions are required. Olive oil can be effective in some situations and less in others. So whether you've tried it in the past or not, you can try many different constipation cures, one of them will fit your current problem.

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