Study How to Get Quick Relief From Constipation extra

How to Get Quick Relief From Constipation

Constipation Relief

Who wouldn't want to get quick relief from constipation?

This problem with infrequent bowel movement, passing hard and dry feces, bloating and gas is very annoying and when one doesn't know how to go about treating it, very persistent indeed.

So, how does one get quick relief from constipation?

If you are constipated and you want to get relief from it, it will help you find the right cure to know what causes the problem.

Here are some factors that actually cause infrequent bowel movements:

• Medication side effects
• Medical conditions
• Dietary imbalance
• Slow digestion

Quick relief from constipation is offered by the following treatments:

• Fluids. Water is definitely a fast cure for constipation. Some people only experience difficulty in passing stools because of dehydration. If the body lacks water, it will try to get it from available sources i.e. body waste. This results to hard and dry stools that are hard to defecate. Get quick relief from constipation by drinking lots of water and prevent irregular bowel movements by training yourself to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day.

• Increase fiber in your diet. With fiber, your body can form soft and bulky stool that are easier to defecate giving quick relief from constipation. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, beans and whole grains as these are natural sources of fiber. At the same time, minimize your intake of processed foods, cheese and meat.

• Take natural laxatives that can induce quick relief from constipation. These natural laxatives include bael, banana, jack fruit, grapes, guava, pear, spinach, papaya and figs.

Knowing how to get quick relief from constipation is a good idea but it is better if you take extra measures to prevent it. Maintaining a well balanced diet, drinking lots of water and regularly exercising can prevent infrequent bowel movements and can save you the trouble of constipation.

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