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Constipation Relief Foods

Severe constipation is experienced when there is inability to move your bowels and the stool is retained within for a period longer than three days. This is downright inconvenient and uncomfortable not to mention painful.

Thankfully, there are things that you can do to get some relief. What are these?

The safest way to treating irregular bowel movements is the natural way. Some of them are provided in this article.

If you notice you get constipated most of the time, perhaps it is time to change your diet. Do you prefer processed foods like pizzas, ice creams and burgers?

If so, then lessen your intake of these as they cause difficulty in defecation. Eat fiber rich foods instead like veggies and fruits. Bran, whole grain and seeds are also great sources of this essential dietary fiber.

Severe constipation can also be caused by insufficient water intake and if you take too much alcohol or coffee. An average of 2 quarts of water daily helps the colon move stool smoothly. If a person is dehydrated, the movement of the bowels is slowed down as well.

Avoid refined sugars, fried foods, white flour and cheese. These are the common causes of defecation problems as they slow down digestion when taken excessively.

Yogurt with live cultures and probiotics assist with smooth bowel movements. Regular exercise can also regulate the digestive system and make the passage of stool easier.

If needed, take a stool softener but make sure you take only mild ones. Harsh laxatives only aggravate the symptoms especially when taken in a long term basis. Instead of getting relief from severe constipation, you might end up having unnatural bowel movements which can cause even more serious problems.

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Relief From Severe Constipation

Constipation Relief Foods