Go through Effects of Constipation - Side Effects and Treatment of Constipation and Bloating additional

Constipation & bloating are among the most common ailments that people have. We do not even realize how it gradually undermines our minds & bodies. These have innumerable health hazards. These are physical, internal as well psychological.

Let us see some of the side effects of Constipation and Bloating

· You always feel light headache.

· One feels irritated

· You are actually never active. That means you always feel lethargic & fatigued.

· You have a trouble sleeping.

· You feel groggy.

· The people suffering with constipation & bloating easily catch cold.

· The taste buds almost fail at times as the food & drinks you take taste extremely bad & rotten.

· It causes rheumatic fever.

Treatment of Constipation & Bloating

The treatment of constipation & bloating are closely related to its causes. For instance, in case it has happened due to lack of fiber in your diet, you must start taking enough fibers in your meals in the form of salads, juices, etc. Also some times, they happen due to some particular medicines that you take. In that case, when you stop taking that medicine, the problem is cured.However there are several other tips & treatments to cure & prevent constipation & bloating.

Here are some of the tips that would help you avoid this chronic ailment:

· You must have loads of water. That is the best detoxifier for the bowel. Properly hydrated water system would always keep your bowel clean.

· Exercise regularly. That makes you active and brings the digestion system back on track.

· Have your meals on time & never miss them.

· As far as possible, avoid taking processed food. Whole grains are a much better diet option.

· Also there are several diet supplements that help in curing & preventing constipation & bloating; for instance acai.

· People do take enemas and other chemical options. But they have several side effects.

However, you must consult the doctor to get the right treatment in case you face severe symptoms of the disease!


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Effects of Constipation - Side Effects and Treatment of Constipation and Bloating