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Constipation is a symptom whereby one have trouble in passing stool. Many folk appear to think that infrequent bowel movement is what constipation is all about, however this is not particularly correct. In fact the majority of constipated men and women do not have regular toilet, but it's also true that with most, evacuating of the bowels a few times a week is the usual pattern. So the basics are, if you pass stool often or infrequently, if the process is painful and the stool is dry, then you have constipation.

However, constipation is not an ailment on its own. It is the symptom of the food and water not properly passing through the colon. The colon absorbs too much water, making the stool to be dry. This causes the muscles have difficulty in compacting and getting rid of the feces.

Fruits and pills

So, plainly, to alleviate constipation you must make sure that the colon can take care of the ingested food and water easily. That is to say, a constipated patient must consume those kinds of food that will not be hard on the overworked colon. The remedies for constipation are of two types ---- natural and medicative. To use a different type of scale, remedies for constipation can too be divided into 3 groups ---- those that the patient likes consuming, those that he or she does not, and those that the sufferer abhors having administered. The final group comprises of getting enemas.

There are a number of fruits and vegetables that are understood to be natural constipation cures. These include wood apple, guava, pear, grapes, figs and papaya. Some of them are bound to be fruits that you wouldn't eat for a million dollars But as these could assist you get out of a nightmarish morning procedure, maybe you should relax your viewpoint a bit.

Those who suffer from occasional constipation prefer to use laxatives, either the lubricant variety or the emollient one, since one-time uses of these produce results.

Everyday remedies

There is no dearth of homecures for constipation. Drinking senna leaf tea or lukewarm water with honey first thing in the morning is known to facilitate bowel movement. Consuming a teaspoonful of virgin coconut oil before going to bed brings about easy bowel movement. Another tried and tested constipation remedy is dried isabgol husk soaked in milk. This is usually drunk at bedtime, as are some other facilitators of bowel movement, like linseed oil.

Eat wisely

To make sure that constipation does not keep recurring, you will need to make changes in your eating habits. Make your meals rich in leafy vegetables, and chew a lot before swallowing while you are eating meals. Drink plenty of water during the day. Maintain usual sleeping hours. And finally, don't get excited over the tiresome visit to the toilet every day morning. You should never underestimate the psycho-somatic effect such nervousness can have on you.

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Constipation Cures - Natural Cure For Constipation