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How to Avoid Needing Constipation Relief for Christmas

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Tips for Constipation Relief at Christmas Time

With Thanksgiving over, you might be happy to have avoided any flare ups with the relatives, but you might not be so lucky as to have avoided needing some constipation relief. In fact, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a high risk time for developing chronic constipation because there is a tendency to overeat and consume more sugars than usual. But with a few helpful tips you can avoid needing constipation relief this holiday season.

• Stay Hydrated - without enough water consumption, your body will attempt to take the water it needs from your colon - leaving your stool dry and your body susceptible to constipation (chronic or occasional). Dehydration can be intensified by the extra coffee and alcohol that is typically consumed over the holiday season. These drinks dehydrate you and make your colon work in overdrive to try to get water from your food.

• Don't fall off the wagon - exercise! Oftentimes people relax their exercise regiment over the Thanksgiving holiday and allow it to stay relaxed until after New Years. But steady exercise is one of the best things you can do for natural constipation relief. Cardiovascular and stretching exercises help induce peristalsis (intestinal contractions) and reduce the time food stays in your body. This is important because as discussed above, the faster stool moves through your body, the less time the intestines has to extract water from it and cause constipation.

• Be aware of the effect of flying on your colon - traveling is very common over both Thanksgiving and Christmas. When flying, you are bombarded with an above average amount of radiation because there is less atmosphere to filter out harmful particles from space. Pilots and flight attendants have been shown to have higher incidences of cancer from this radiation. For your purposes, this radiation can damage the beneficial bacteria in your colon that is essential for healthy intestinal contractions and may require supplementation to help keep your regular.

Stay Regular over Christmas

You can stay hydrated and keep your exercise schedule without any supplement to your diet. But for some extra support when the big meals come, try a digestive enzyme to help break down food, prevent bloating and gas, and provide constipation relief. As we age, we produce less digestive enzymes and if we don't successfully break down the big meals that come at the holidays it can lead to the beginning of constipation.

In regards to flying and constipation relief - a probiotic can help mediate against any damage radiation may cause your beneficial bacteria. Probiotics act as natural laxatives by fueling the colon with the nutrients it needs for healthy movement. Try these methods and you should have a pleasant and regular holiday season!

Jeff Fields is the CEO of StayRegular, a natural products company specializing in the holistic relief of chronic constipation.