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Constipation and Gas - The Link Between Flatulence and Being Constipated


Constipation and gas have a definite connection. Constipation causes the person's stool to be hard, making it a challenge to pass. This can cause hemorrhoids and anal fissures, which can bring pain. The person experiences cramps and bowel sounds and flatulence, or gas.

There are different signs of constipation, including bowel movements that are infrequent at three times or less in a week, difficulty during a bowel movement due to the hard stools and the inability to complete the defecation.

Flatulence comes hand-in-hand with constipation. This gas happens when there is pressure through the anus, and this pressure exceeds the sphincter's ability to handle it. Flatulence can be present when feces are found in the rectum, so if a person is constipated, they are more likely to suffer from gas. The flatulence is more likely to have a foul odor when there is feces, or any bacteria present.

If the gas builds up, it can become painful for the individual and constipation is more likely to occur if flatulence is held inside.

A person can be constipated even if they experienced bowel movements on a daily basis. There are two types of stools on the Bristol Stool Chart that identify constipation. The first can be described as small lumps, similar to nuts, which are hard to pass. The second stool is sausage shaped but lumpy.

There is a type of constipation that is considered the most severe- obstipation. This is when the constipation becomes so bad that both feces and gas are prevented from passing.

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