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Your Digestive System and the Many Factors of Constipation

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If you found yourself on the hunt for a good constipation cure, you may wonder what really causes your digestive problem.

Constipation naturally is not fun. This condition can be downright painful for many of us, leaving us looking for some kind of constipation remedy that would halt the pain and pressure.

So what is it that is sending you looking for constipation remedy? To understand that, you need to understand the digestive system more clearly.

* Food Intake. The food you eat is one of the many reasons why you suffer from constipation and chances are you need to search for constipation relief.

As you ingest food, naturally it makes its way down into your stomach where the stomach acid breaks the food items down into smaller pieces so it can pull nutrients out of it.

* The Small Intestine. Once food has completed its time in your stomach, it heads down into the small intestine. More chemicals are mixed with the food particles to break them down even further, letting the body to pull nutrients from the food through the wall of the intestine.

* The Large Intestine (Bowel). Not all food in the small intestine can be broken down and absorbed through the wall of the intestine. The pieces that can't move on to the large intestine as waste.

* Waste Removal. Eventually the body triggers as muscle reaction to let you know it is time to remove the waste from your body system. This is when you have a bowel movement and eradicate what is left from your system.

Where does constipation problem come in?

Constipation is a blockade in this system, especially in the intestines. There are a number of various things that can lead to searching a remedy for constipation.

* Fiber. The first reason why you must look for constipation remedy is because you have not had enough fiber in your diet. Typically fiber helps the body move waste through the system. But diets low in fiber mean there are heavier masses in the system that are hard to clear, which could become clogged and lead to constipation.

* Not Enough Fluids. Another common reason why many of us search for constipation cure is because their body is dehydrated. You body, by nature, needs lot of fluids to do its job. But if you don't drink enough fluids, chances are good that your digestive tract will find it harder to pass waste out and this can lead to back up in the colon system and constipation.

There are various ways you can try when you are looking for constipation relief. In fact, the first thing you could consider is to have a colon cleanse and this is the right way to get your system cleared of any blockage and turn things back to the way they should be.

Once you are through with a colon cleanse, you should also make sure to add more fiber to your diet. It is best to do this with food intake, but you could also add even more benefit through taking a fiber supplement that would aid your body in moving waste out smoothly.

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