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For most, experiencing constipation is an embarrassing matter. People normally do not acknowledge suffering from constipation in fear of getting ridiculed. It is considered humiliating for some as it involves divulging bowel movements, which a lot of people would consider taboo. However, finding relief from constipation need not cause more stress as there are various types of constipation remedies which can be purchased or done.

Constipation is defined as passing hard stools or problems with bowel movement. Pain is a common part of constipation as individuals strain to initiate bowel movement. As such, individuals who suffer from this condition often feel that they need to do more trips to the bathroom to finish the process.

According to some reports, the condition is said to be due to a poor diet and not drinking a lot of water. The insufficient digestion of meats and fast foods, coupled with lack of liquids in the system is what produces the body to produce stools that are hard, dry and difficult to pass. There are numerous remedies which can be easily prepared at home and can relieve the constipation.

Some people who suffer from constipation often run to the nearest shop that sells laxatives. More often than not, these are made from chemicals. A build-up of these chemicals may cause may cause more harm to the body than good. As an alternative to laxatives, use fruits instead. Amongst all fruits and vegetable, ripe bael can produce the same effect and is safer to use. Besides its laxative properties, the fruit is successful in toning up the intestines and cleaning them in the process. As with other forms of laxatives, this fruit should only be taken in moderation and for a limited time only.

With people who suffer from constipation should avoid drinking milk, more specifically, cow's milk. Soy milk and fat free milk are possible alternatives. Adding two to three teaspoons ordinary castor oil, honey or psyllium husk to a glass of milk are other simple home remedies to constipation. People are advised to drink this concoction before bedtime. Water and fruit juices are other liquids that should be consumed regularly if experiencing symptoms associated with constipation. A mixture consisting of equal parts of olive oil and orange juice is also effective in alleviating constipation symptoms. With regular exercise, eating more fruits and vegetables and chewing more thoroughly, finding relief from constipation has become easier.

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Easy Ways to Find Relief From Constipation