Examine Knowing What to Do For Constipation more

To get that much needed relief when constipated, one must know what to do for constipation.

There are many causes of irregular movement and this includes poor diet, certain medications, low mobility, stress and eating disorders.

What do you experience when you are constipated?

There is painful and difficult defecation due to hard and dry stool and the feeling of not being able to empty the bowels completely. The frequency of passing stools is also lessened significantly.

What effective treatments can you do for constipation?

The most common is switching to a high fiber diet. If you indulge in high-fat, low fiber foods such as burgers, pizzas, ice cream etc. it is high time you switch to eating fiber-rich foods dietary fiber supplements.

Some supplements are said to aid a constipated person by easing bowel movements. Magnesium supplements are particularly found to be helpful in making colon muscles relax making contractions smoother for the passage of stools.

Increase your water intake and decrease alcoholic and caffeine rich beverages. 2 quarts of water daily can get rid of the problem for you. Add to this other fluids like fruit juices and soups for more effective treatment.

Exercise regularly. If you don't have time to go to the gym, a 30 minute walk or run every day is sufficient.

There are also laxatives you can take to increase the amount of water in your intestines. This softens the stool so it can easily be defecated. Osmotic laxatives like milk of magnesia and Epsom salt are effective in producing movement within 24 hours.

Knowing what to do for constipation is important even when you do not frequently suffer from this problem. If you are aware of its treatments, you must also be aware of its prevention.

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Knowing What to Do For Constipation