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Health and Nutrition - 5 Helpful Tips For Constipation Relief!

Constipation Relief

Is constipation a problem for you? If you're like most other American's it is, at least sometimes. I'd like to share a few tips to help with this nagging problem.

Constipation is not the most savory subject people like to bring up, but answering it with sound advice and knowledge will go a long way to releiving the pain associated with it. Here are the most common reasons for this condition:

1. Eating processed food too quickly. We have such an obnoxious world to live in! We've cut into our time our forebears had to prepare fantastic and nutritious meals. We eat so quickly that our bodies have little time to digest the garbage we load our bodies with in the first place! If we contribute more time and mastication to our diets, this problem would diminish.

2. Living a sedentary lifestyle. Put plainly, we don't move enough! Physical movement induces the natural undulation of the transverse bowel. Lack of physical movement can slow this movement to a crawl. Committing to more exercise would hasten the natural processes of the bowel and promote digestive health and produce a healthful movement to the digestive tract..

3. Not enough fluids. Water is the foundation of a healthy digestive tract. It is water that helps produce the bulk needed to carry fecal matter through the system and out of the body. Drinking more water not only dilutes the urine promoting better health, but also helps to dilute food matter in the gut, thereby preventing it from sticking to the intestinal walls. Drink more fresh water to move your intestines into action!

4. Not eating enough fruits, vegetables, and roughage. Leave the skins on fruit! Discover the hearty texture and flavor of grains like buckwheat, bulgur, pearl barley, and steel-cut oatmeal. You may be missing out on a culinary experience by passing these nutritious food up! I personally eat the skin right along with the mango (antioxidant rich, plus highly fibrous!) Peryour tastes, I don't necessarily recommend you do this too, but the point is to pay closer attention to what you put into your body.

5. Not doing regular bowel cleanses. Impacted fecal matter inside our bodies is a problem too many of us ignore. It is the cause of many of our digestive troubles. Doing regular bowel/colon cleanses will promote total body health and well being and will go a long way to keep your system gently 'on the move' with regularity!

One thing of note, as much as everyone in this business recommends fiber, beware of some OTC fiber products, most of which contain high amounts of sugar. I find these distasteful because the sugars don't dissolve in time for you to consume them anyway. Your best course is to get your hands on some psyllium seed husks and drink lots of water with it for best results.

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