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How to Stop Constipation - 6 Tips to Say Goodbye to the Bloating

Constipation Relief

Are you suffering from constipation? Are you looking for a natural cure instead of relying on laxatives? If you answered YES to both questions you are at the right place now. I am now going to share with you 6 tips to say goodbye to your constipation.

What is constipation? Constipation is defined as having a bowel movement of less than 3 times a week. With constipation your stools are usually hard. dry, small in size and very difficult to eliminate. Constipation is not a disease but a symptom. Most constipation is temporary and not serious. However those who do not pass any bowel movement for a week are advised to see their doctor immediately.

In most cases, following these 6 tips will help relieve symptoms and prevent recurrence of constipation:

1. Change your diet to a well balanced and high fiber in content which are beans, grains, vegetables and fresh fruits.

2. Drink more than the recommended 8 glasses a day. To do this easily just drink a glass of water every hour on the dot. At the end of the day you would have consumed around 10 glasses of water.

3. You need to start an exercise program. Start slowly first. Perhaps you should consider walking for at least 30 minutes a day. Gradually you can start jogging instead of walking.

4. Set yourself a fixed timetable to visit the toilet. Perhaps every morning just sit on the toilet and read a newspaper for 10 minutes. When you make a habit of this, passing motion would be naturally easy.

5. Do not ever ignore the urge to have a bowel movement

6, Whenever you do not have a bowel movement for a week see your doctor immediately.

A lot of people using the above 6 tips found relief in their constipation. Used consistently you can be among those people who are successful in saying goodbye to their constipation. However you can learn more about stopping constipation in the next paragraph.

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