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Best Food For Constipation


If you re unfortunate enough to have constipation problems know they have to watch their food every single day! Advice like this one comes from everywhere: don't eat fat foods or you will be unable to poop!

Media, family, friends, all "experts" in your issue, all able tell exactly what to eat to relive your constipation!

How do you decide who is right? How do you know which advise is best? Some people will swear that they have the miracle solution that will make your constipation go away over night! Take it easy. It would be nice to be that easy but that's just wishful thinking.

However, is god to know what foods help your condition. There are quite a few actually and without any other introduction here they are:

- Figs and Dates : fruits rich in fiber and minerals; it takes approx 24 hours to see results; as a plus these fruits produce serotonin

- Grapes: one to two pounds daily will reduce constipation occurrence; high in vitamins and minerals , fiber and manganese.

- Papaw (Carica Papaya) : more known for its papain enzyme content an less for its anti-constipation virtues; its high mineral content reduces the cell waste, stomach and intestine mucus.

- Persimmon: as nutritious as an apple and great for hearth health; rich in minerals such as potassium, manganese, sodium, iron, calcium and source of anti-oxidants (phenolic compounds) eating 2-3 daily will provide a great colon cleanser

- Plums: rich in minerals and great laxative plums are very effective in clearing intestinal gas.

- Prunes: known as dried plums, prunes are more effective for constipation

- Raspberries: high in Vitamin A and C, rich in calcium, iron, magnesium; raspberries provide fast constipation relieve if had in large quantities.

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