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Sad Consequences of Constipation


With more and more people not taking care of their bodies properly, it is no surprise that people are not taking care of the colons with any degree of responsibility. The colon, also known as the large intestine, regulates your digestion and as one of the major organs of your body, needs as much care as your skin or your heart. One of the main problems that strikes the colon is constipation and though there is discomfort associated with the issue, there are many other issues that can result from this condition.

There are several symptoms which might indicate that you suffer from constipation in way that may require a doctor's visit. Straining during a bowel movement or a sense of being not altogether empty following a bowel movement may point to constipation, as can a sense of blockage or lumpy or hard stool. Bowel movements that are limited to twice a week can indicate constipation. While on their own, these symptoms may not be significant, they might bear watching if they persist for twelve weeks out of the year. Remember that these weeks do not necessarily need to be consecutive.

One of the main problems of constipation is the pain, but while some people dismiss this as negligible, it is really anything but. Pain is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong, and should never be ignored. Moreover, pain that results from constipation may be both severe and lingering, something that will have an emotion and psychological affect on you and your friends, loved ones and co-workers. Just as it is difficult to work with a broken leg, working while feeling the pain resulting from constipation can result in short temper, mood swings and anger.

There are many other possible results and complications from constipation as well. Straining during bowel movements due to constipation may cause many issues. Hemorrhoids may develop, as can anal fissures, and rectal bleeding. Rectal prolapse, though rare, may occur, a condition where a piece of intestinal lining pushes from the anal opening. A cessation of the straining from constipation may solve the problem, but severe cases of rectal prolapse may require surgery to tighten the sphincter muscles.

Constipation may also result in stool packing the intestine so tightly that it cannot be expelled, resulting in a condition called fecal impaction. This problem can be quite painful, and require a doctor's aid to treat; it occurs with some regularity among small children and older adults.

As you can see, constipation has many consequences which can easily become dire. If you feel that you may be having some problems with this condition, it is important to make sure that you receive quick and effective treatment.

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