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The various minerals and vitamins recommended, to stop constipation, here should be taken individually or as a multi-mineral complex or as a vitamin complex. Avoid a supplement that contains both vitamins and minerals. There is some loss in the effectiveness of individual vitamins and minerals when they are combined in multiform. Use capsules for best results because capsules are filled with powder. Capsules dissolve quickly and so does the powder.

Some hard, tablet supplements may not dissolve completely in your stomach or intestines and flow into your colon and out your rectum.

Minerals In Fruits and Vegetables

Minerals in produce are the best minerals to take. These minerals are in the form that nature created and is exactly what the body needs to stop constipation. They are electo-magnetically charged and have a life force that is provided by the plant. This life force quickly decreases after the fruit or vegetable has been picked. Therefore, it is always recommended to eat fruits or vegetable soon after they have been picked and not to cook them.

Electrolyte Minerals

It is best to take liquid electrolyte minerals. In this form, minerals have an electrical charge and are ready for use by the body. Electrolyte minerals when placed in the mouth are absorbed quickly though the mouth lining and lining of the gastrointestinal tract as they travel towards colon. When the colon functions like it should it will stop constipation.

Minerals help to electrify the body. They improve brain function, nerve activity, blood structure, body structure, and body calmness.

Health Tip: Add minerals to your diet by eating raw fruits and vegetables and through supplements. Minerals insure your colon has the proper tone and functions and this stops constipation.

In I. Gerald Olarsh, N.D.'s pamphlet called, Electrolytes, he points out that,

"Electrolytes in the body are minerals such as sodium, potassium, chloride etc. that are dissolved in the blood. When the electrolytes are dissolved they break apart into charged particles called ions. The ions carry either a negative or positive charge. These charged particles create electricity that helps run the bodies of animals and humans. Electrolytes are the basis of good health because they are used in the maintenance and repair of all tissue, the utilization of amino acids, and as the basis of every physical and neurological function..."
The Next Best Mineral Supplements

If electrolytic minerals are not available, used chelated minerals. These minerals are attached to amino acids making them magnetic, which allow them to flow right through the intestinal walls without having to be digested.

Look for minerals such as,

- Calcium apertate
- Calcium gluconate
- Calcium Citrate

Mineral Absorption

Most minerals are absorbed in the last part of the small intestine and the beginning of the large intestine, your colon. When your colon walls collect layer upon layer of waste, it affects absorption of the minerals you consume. When this happens, your body will be deficient in minerals and your appetite will be larger than normal. Eating more food and having a malfunction colon will make it difficult to stop constipation.

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