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At some time in our life we all suffer from constipation. If this is a problem that is afflicting you on regular occasions then you are likely to need to alter your diet. There are many foods that we consume in large volumes today which are known to be a factor. The foods that cause constipation can easily be avoided or reduced from our diets.

In many people the problem occurs when the body does not maintain the right balance of fluids. Most people will drink a lot of teas and coffees throughout the day. These are known to have what is called a diuretic effect. This is when the body removes too much water (i. E. You need to pee often) and the result is dehydration and constipation. Alcohol also has the same outcome and so does salt. Minimize your intake of all these items as best as you can. The best liquids to take are pure clean water, fruit juices, and green teas; all will help to keep your water levels at their correct balance.

In the west we consume a much greater volume of red meat and dairy products as compared to the rest of the world. It is these foods that can cause a tightening of the bowels and difficulty in the removal of waste products. It is actually the proteins contained in meats and dairy that the gut has problems breaking down. It requires a greater amount of energy for the digestion process to be successful.

For many people the problem of constipation is often down to a condition in the bowel. Over time our intestines get clogged with waste products that a modern diet cannot shift. There can be pounds of matter accumulated along the linings of both the big and small intestine. Research has proved that those people who have a diet rich in fibre suffer less constipation and digestion problems as a whole.

Constipation is a problem that can affect many aspects of our health. By finding the solution you will notice a big change in your overall well being and state of mind.

Constipation Relief Foods

Yes, there are foods that constipate. But there are also natural constipation solutions, including foods that can provide natural constipation relief.

The Foods That Cause Constipation