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Overcome and combat the feeling of constipation as there are proper methods to get relief from constipation. It should be detected at very early stage as regular constipation may cause severe stomach disorders and other ill feelings. Constipation is the irregular movement of bowels which causes strain, pain and dry excretion which is quite painful. It is not a harmful disease but can become one if not checked at the earliest. This is a disorder, therefore prevention and proper precaution if taken then the whole unwanted situation may be cured. It might take a harmful toil as studies have shown that intestinal cancer and poor absorption of nutrients may occur due constipation if not taken proper action.

So to get relief from constipation one must take few steps and follow some healthy rules.

Which are as follows, the most important is a proper food habit regular intake of meat and other dairy products at a high proportion would lead to having constipation; therefore, one must include a lot of fruits and vegetables, which are high in fiber and nutrients in their diet to combat this disorder. If possible have a lot of green and leafy vegetables and for a better result if they are consumed raw, so eating of fresh salads a cold soup would create wonders and magic. The next step to get relief from constipation is the intake of fluid especially water and all kinds of fruit and vegetable juice. Water is the main constituent for the relief program, therefore a constipated person should drink at least 5 to 8 glasses of water on a daily basis which also hydrates your internal parts and enables the proper flow of moisture in the intestines.

Another harmless and healthy way to relief constipation is to under go regular and proper exercising routine. It can be done through brisk walking, jogging or even swimming, because keeping oneself active and fit the best relief from constipation. Nowadays with the fast moving lifestyle there has occurred regular intake of fast food, junks and canned food would play havoc with the internal system. If not changed at the earliest temporary constipation would become chronic one, which leads to other harmful diseases. So avoid junk food and stick to healthy and proper diet so as to get relief from constipation.

Intake of nuts like almond, apricot and also fruits, vegetables and herbs like coconut, avocados and dandelion is effective as they have laxatives, therefore have them in the form of salads, soups or dips, which ever suits the best. Avoid drinking tea coffee, sodas or alcohol; instead drink water, fruit and vegetable juice which are healthy and a good way to relief from constipation. Following all this necessary and healthy rules a person suffering from or seeing the symptoms of constipation would get relief. Being strict to the rules and using them honestly would combat and give relief from constipation at an earliest and pave a path leading to a normal and a healthy, joyous life.

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